Widget UI for a tablet device

We were commissioned to make home screen widget UIs with multiple buttons for Android platform. Our UI team designed around dozen prototypes from which the client selected their favorite one.

The project started just after Google had released Lollipop (Android 5.0) and we tried to stick to their Material design scheme in the beginning. However, through the course of prototyping, it evolved into something very original. The design should stand out in the home screen, but it should be in harmony with the other UIs. You have to take balance between those two contradicting goals.

The final version has shadows and some 3D effects, but it still keeps in line with the “Flat” design paradigm endorsed by Material scheme.

We worked on:

  1. GUI design study.
  2. UX testing and experimentation.
  3. GUI elements delivered to client’s development team.

Period: 2014
Client & agency: Not disclosed
Language: Japanese, English
Product website: NA
App in the market: NA




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